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Forward-thinking estate planning in Durham, N.C. We work with clients at their pace to create a plan to set them at ease for their future. Call today for a free phone consultation. 

The Basic Planner

For the self-reliant planner who is comfortable interacting with a North Carolina-licensed lawyer through web forms, online portals, and email. We provide documents tailored to your unique situation, and you arrange to sign them on your own schedule.

Single or couple $950

The Careful Planner

For those who want a higher level of guidance and personal touch. Through in-office consultation, you will receive information on the full landscape of estate planning options and advice on your personal and family situation.

Single $1,750     Couple $2,250

The Ultimate Planner

For the client wanting to spare loved ones the hassle and expense of probate after death. Jeff works with you to develop a trust-planning solution that can protect your bequest from creditors, leave assets to a disabled family member, and protect you late in life.

Single $3,750    Couple $4,750

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